Sewer Policies

Policy ammendment approved 07/06/2021 via Resolution No. 21-039

Policy 708- City Public Sewer Infrastructure Review, Inspection and Approval

Policy ammendments approved 12/01/2021 via Resolution No. 20-064

Policy 710- Extensions to City Public Wastewater System

Policy 713- City Public Sewer Manhole Location and Accessibility

Policy 714- City Public Wastewater (Lift) Pump Stations & Force Mains

Policy 716- Sewer Service Connections and Disconnections to City Public Sewer Mains

Policy 717- Establishing How "Property" is Defined for the Purposes of Assessing Wastewater CAP Fees

Policy 718- Sewer Service Outside of The Municipal Boundaries

Policy 719- Easements and Construction Near City Public Sewer Facilities