Adopt A Street


Adopt-A-Street Litter Program -- Over 400 Volunteers !!!
Lake City High School – Ramsey (Kathleen North to Hanley)
SORELLA – Atlas (Seltice to Industrial Ave.)
Girl Scout Troop # 3037 – (Maple Ave. 8th to 15th)
Baha’is of Cd’A – Kathleen Avenue (Ramsey to Atlas)                        
Cub Scout Pack 210 – 15th Street (Hazel to Best)
Student Council CDA High School  – Dalton Ave (4th St to Government Wy)
CdA Crush Girls Softball – Dalton Ave  (4th St. to Government
Holy Family Catholic School  – Kathleen Ave (Atlas Rd. to Fish & Game N. side)
Sunrise Rotary – Northwest Boulevard          (Appleway to Ironwood)
Boy Scout Troop 202 – Best Avenue – (4th to East end of Best)
Austin Family - Seltice    (Old Atlas Rd east to Bridge)
Wilkening Family -  Seltice (Old Atlas Rd east to Bridge)
CDA Target Team  – Kathleen-(Ramsey to Atlas)
Beta Sigma Phi – Pi Master Chapter – (Dalton Ave,  4th Street to 15th Street)
NIC Athletic Teams– Rosenberry Dr.
Phi Beta Kappa- Rosenberry Dr
Lowe’s Home Improvement – Bosanko/Howard
Brockhoff Family– Thomas Lane
Susan Christensen/Tomlinson Black  (Margaret Avenue and Shadduck Lane)      
George Schick – Dalton (Ramsy to US 95) 
WILD Program – Atlas; Kathleen; Ramsey; Seltice;
Canfield Middle School – 15th St (Dalton to Thomas Ln)
PANTRA – Nettleton Gulch (east of 15th St. to End)
Mindful Mom's – Pioneer Dr (Clayton to Pinegrove)
Century 21/John Beutler Associates – Atlas  (Seltice  to Industrial Ave.)
Employees of Edward Jones NW Blvd (Appleway to Ironwood)
Fiedler-Riendeau Family/Friends- Canfield   (Pinegrove west to Gov/t Wy)
Community Methodist Church- Ramsey Rd. (Hanley to Prairie)
Albertsons #243- Ramsey Rd. (Appleway to Kathleen)
CdA Canoe & Kayak Club- Ramsey Rd    (Hanley to Prairie)
CdA Area Swim Team  (Golf Course Road - Fairway)
Project Bridge - 15th Street (Hazel to Best)
                      For Information on how you can become a Volunteer
                                  Please Call (208)769.2233