Pedestrian and Bicycle Advisory Committee

Summer Accessibility Flyer

The Ped Bike Committee was formed in July 2003 to address the growing needs of the cycling and pedestrian community 
Clear here for the 2016 Ped/Bike report to council. This short presentation highlights the accomplishments of the committee from its inception and proposes goals for 2016

The purpose of the Pedestrian Advisory Committee shall be to promote non-automotive forms of travel and the development of safe pedestrian and bicycle facilities into a well-designed, integrated transportation network for all Coeur d'Alene citizens.
The Committee consists of fifteen members.  Representatives of different types of walking and biking communities shall be represented.
One representative from each of the following communities: Walking, Running, Biking, Senior Citizens, Special Needs, North Idaho Centennial Trail Foundation, Engineer or Landscape Architect,
and School District 271 as well as member of City Council. 5 members shall represent the General Public.
The duties and responsibiliteis of the Board shall be as follows:
  1. To promote walking, bicycling and people-powered transportation in Coeur d'Alene.
  2. To review and make recommendations on long-range transportation plans as related to pedestrian and bicycle issues of the city.
  3. To promote safety education programs for pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists.
  4. To serve in a liaison capacity between the city and the Idaho Transportation Department in developing and implementing the Idaho Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation Plan.
  5. To serve in a liaison capacity between the city and Kootenai County, local Highway Districts, KCATT and KMPO in developing overall coordinated plans for pedestrian and bicycle facilities and pedestrian bicycle safety programs.
  6. To review and make recommendations on transportation projects as related to pedestrian and bicycle issues in the city.
  7. To review and recommend transportation project prioritization and funding as related to pedestrian and bicycle issues in the city.
  8. To assist and advise the Planning Commission with respect to pedestrian and bicycle facilities and parking.
  9. To develop and recommend to the City Council and Planning Commission adoption of ordinances and policies for the planning and maintenance of pedestrian and bicycle facilities throughout the city.
  10. To advise the city administrator and city departments regarding pedestrians and bicycle issues in the city.
  11. To monitor and promote implementation of the Cour d'Alene Bikeways Plan.
  12. To coordinate with regional public entities to promote creation of networked pedestrian and bicycle facilities.
  13. To develop and implement a Safe Routes to Schools Program.
  14. To seek grant money and other State and Federal monies for pedestrian and bicycle project enhancements.
  15. To comply with all City policies, porcedures and regulations.

Meeting Date

The second Wednesday of each month, at 5:30pm.  The current meeting place is in the old council chambers at City Hall, 710 East Mullan.
All meetings are open to the public and publicized to allow and promote public participation in the decisions of the Committee. 


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Committee Members
Tessa Jilot: Chairman,Walking Community
Tom Morgan: Vice Chair, Bicycling Community
Russ Hersrud: General Public
OPEN: Retired Community
Amy Evans: City Council Liaison
Mark Puddy: Landscape Architect
John Bruning:  Centennial Trail Foundation
Kim Golden: General Public
Tim Teyler: Water Access Community/General Public
Amy Hofer: School District 271 Rep
Mike Fuller: General Public
Jamie Morgan: General Public
Mac Cavasar: Running Community
Denise Jeska Physically Challenged
Ronan Malaghan:  Student Rep
OPEN: Alt. Student Rep

Monte McCully: Staff Liaison
Melissa Brandt: City Staff
Bill Greenwood: Cd"A Parks and Recreation Director

Contact Through a Staff Liaison 

Monte McCully, Trails Coordinator
710 Mullan Avenue
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho 83814
Parks Department: (208) 769-2252
FAX: (208) 769-2383