The Sign Board was created to oversee the Sign Code of the City of Coeur d’ Alene to promote the type, size, number, and location of signs to protect the health, safety, property, and welfare of the public and improve the neat, clean, orderly, and attractive appearance of the City, and eliminate signs that demand rather than invite public attention. They also conduct hearings, and review decisions brought before the Sign Board for appeals and variances.


The Sign Board consists of seven members who are appointed for three year terms. Vacancies are filled by appointment of a successor for the unexpired term. The Board elects two officers, a Chairman and a Vice-Chairman. Four members constitute a quorum. A majority of members present enable can decisions. The Board meets as needed. Meetings are usually held on the second Monday of each month at 5:30 p.m. in the Customer Service Center. Please call 769-2229 to confirm.

If you would like to attend a meeting, please call 769-2229, 24 hours before the meeting, to confirm the meeting will be held. All meetings are open to the public and citizens are welcome to attend.

The seven member Board consists of the following:

  • 3 members of the general public who reside within the City limits of Coeur d’ Alene
  • 1 retail business owner whose principal place of business is located within the City limits
  • 1 sign industry member whose principal place of business is located within the City limits. This person may live outside the City limits if all other Board members reside inside the City.
  • 1 member engaged in a non-profit, educational, or charitable organization located within the City limits. This person must reside within Kootenai County.
  • 1 member from the Chamber of Commerce who shall reside within the City limits.

Duties of the Sign Board

  • Promote the achievement of the policies of the Sign Code
  • Periodically review the Sign Code to ensure it meets the citizens needs
  • Receive written complaints, and hold public hearings to review requested amendments to the Sign Code
  • Prepare and forward to the City Council any proposed amendments to the Sign Code as approved by the Sign Board
  • Hear appeals from any person who has been affected or denied a permit through the enforcement and administration of the Sign Code
  • To hold quasi-judicial hearings, and rule on variances requested to the Sign Code
    • To hear and rule on any other matters assigned by ordinance to the Sign Board

      Current members are:

      Jeff Connaway, Chairman
      Eric Childress, Vice-Chairman
      Gregg Peak

      Kathy Lewis, Sign Board Liaison

      710 East Mullan Avenue
      Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho 83814
      Phone: 208-769-2229