2018 CIPP PROJECT SOQ   Due 12-15-17 at Noon

1. City of Coeur d'Alene Coeur D' Alene, ID Renata McLeod    
2. Planning and Engineering Construction Helena, MT Mike Vetsch    
3. Vortex Construction Houston, TX Mike Reyes    
4. Ric Man Construction Deerfield, FL John Alessandro    
5. Plan Center Spokane, WA Jenny Martin    
6. Aegion Pleasant Grove,FL Brad Conder    
7. Iron Horse LLC Fairview, OR Brandon Fulton    
8. CPC Contractor Plan Center Milwaukie, OR Megan Verdoorn    
9. Tri-City Construction Council Kennewick, WA Beverly Crane     
10. Idaho Assoc. of General Contractors Boise, ID Amanda Lines    
11. Insituform Technologies, Inc Chesterfield, MO Whitney Schulte    
12. Plancenter Spokane, WA Jenny Martin    
13. AGC Idaho   Kristy Watson