2018 Leaf Pickup Begins Tuesday, November 13

Posted: 10/24/2018 11:39:02 AM
Please keep leaves/needles on your property until Friday, November 2.  

DO NOT include: bagged leaves, garden debris, grass clippings, branches or limbs, trash.

Please be alert to equipment in your neighborhood.  Move any vehicles on the street to allow crews to do their work.

After the 2nd, be sure that leaves/needles are approximately one foot from the curb line to allow rainwater to drain.  Street sweepers will follow crews as we move through the City.

Leaf Pickup will start south of Sherman Avenue and move north, east to west.  We expect completion by Friday, November 30.  For questions or additional information, please call the Streets and Engineering Department at 208-769-2233.  Follow our progress at https://maps.cdaid.org/leaf/.  Areas in the map shaded in Red are done, areas shaded in Green crews are working on, areas shaded in Orange crews will be working on next.