Special Needs


Programs will include a summer day camp, swimming, bowling, overnight campouts, field trips, and special events with specially trained staff.

For a separate brochure please call 769-2317 . Our web page can be found at www.snridaho.org


SNR is a non-profit organization that provides recreational opportunities to youth and adults who have disabilities and/or special needs. We strive to teach our participants appropriate behavior and socialization skills while providing many wonderful recreational opportunities. Participants increase their knowledge through daily excursions into the community, and the community itself grows more tolerant and inclusive to people who have disabilities. Most of our participants come into our program shy, scared, anxious, self -conscious, overwhelmed and over stimulated, and in a short period of time almost all participants open up, begin to enjoy themselves and tolerate things that they normally do not tolerate. They begin to do things their parents said they would never do. Our program improves our participant’s self-esteem and overall mental and physical health, it also encourages our participants to build lasting friendships with others who attend. CAMP ALL-STARS DAY CAMPS provides activities for youth ages 4-21 in a safe & fun environment.  They enjoy games, crafts, theme days, daily community activities, such as swimming, golfing, horseback riding, tours etc. Transportation is provided to and from all activities. Scholarships are available for those who qualify. SPRING BREAK DAY CAMP (1 week) SUMMER  BREAK DAY CAMP (11 weeks)-WINTER  BREAK DAY CAMP (1-2 weeks) SCHOOL DAYS OFF CAMP


SNR LIFE participants work on life skills, social interaction, projects, exercise, music, art, crafts, cooking, shopping, budgeting, community outings, educational tours and volunteer opportunities. TUESDAY –WEDNESDAY--THURSDAY-10am-2pm


SNR MONTHLY ACTIVITIES provides opportunities for social interaction with friends in a fun environment.   Activities include cooking, craft, and dance classes, dinner out with friends, movie, bowling, bingo nights, themed parties, monthly dances, basketball, camp outs, trips to the Spokane Arena, etc.  5-10 ACTIVITIES A MONTH


GAME OF LIFE SNR has collaborated with service coordinators, providers, therapists, parents, DDA’s, and teachers within our community to offer free, year round classes for our participants on Friendships, Dealing with Rejection, Social Media, Safety, Relationships and Social interaction. 2x month-FREE


ANNUAL EVENTS- Talent Show, Prom, Christmas Party and Out of the Shadows Theater, Friends and Family Picnic



SNR Sports offered throughout the year. Our focus is not competition rather it is teaching our participants skills to learn the specific sport as well as life skills, sportsmanship, courtesy and compassion. Sports that will be held throughout the year are: Flowrider lessons, Volleyball, Bocce Ball, Soccer, Flag Football, Basketball, and Golf.


SNR VOLUNTEERS- volunteers are a vital part of our organization. They assist with all of our programs, fundraisers, special events and activities. Without our amazing volunteers SNR would not exist!


If you would like more information about Specialized Needs Recreation, the programs we offer and/or would like to volunteer, please call Aaron May at (208) 755-6781 or visit our website at snridaho.org. facebook.com/snridaho/