Food Courts & Concessions Regulations

The City of Coeur d'Alene is working to create rules and regulations related to both food courts and mobile food vendors. Right now, the City is seeking feedback from stakeholders and the community regarding these proposed regulations.

This site serves as a repository for information related to the issue and will be updated with new documents as they become available. We have also provided an "At a Glance" summary of the proposed regulations below. 

Please provide any feedback to City Clerk Renata McLeod at or by calling (208) 769-2231. We are seeking feedback until July 22.
Proposed Food Court regulations at a glance:

Food Court = two or more concessions congregating on one property

Regulations specific to property owner:
  • Applicant must attend a project review and meet applicable requirements
  • May be located within commercial zone (C-17 by right and C-17L, LM, and M zones through a Special Use Permit)
  • 3 parking spaces per concession located in the court
  • Compliance with sign code standards
  • Restrooms to be located within 500 feet
  • Site plan required
  • Application for License required
  • Annual site inspection required

All activities associated with the Mobile Food Court must comply with the requirements of the City’s Wastewater Utility, Water Department, Engineering Department, Fire Department, Planning Department, Street Department, and Panhandle Health District.

Proposed Mobile Food Vendors Code at a glance: 

NOTE: The City has combined all existing codes regarding vendors on public property with the new code for private property.

Four classes of permits will be issued:

  • Mobile Food
  • Mobile Food Cart
  • Non-mobile food
  • Mobile Retail

Regulations specific to units within a food court:

  • Seller’s Permit
  • Trash containers
  • Sign Code compliance
  • Fire inspection
  • Wastewater disposed through cleanout on site
  • No additional seating (other than what is provided by the Food Court)

Regulations specific to units outside of a food court:

  • Seller’s Permit
  • rash containers
  • Sign Code compliance
  • Fire inspection
  • Wastewater disposed through cleanout on site
  • No seating
  • Located on non-residential private property