Public Art Bike Racks

4th Street/Midtown Bike Racks
Artist: Various
Location: 4th Street (between Foster & Marrison)

Commissioned in 2009 for the 4th Street/Midtown Place-Making Project, the Coeur d'Alene Arts Commission issued a Call to Artists for four free-standing sculptures which could also serve as bike racks.

Artists selected were:

  • Team Youngstone (Dale Young, Alan Dodge) - "Basalt Tower of Leaves" & "Fishbone"
  • Alan Dodge - "Well Connected"
  • Tyree Kearns - "Bicycle Giant Chain" & "Octopus"
  • Jason Sanchez - "Wheel"

The Selection Committee, consisting of 7 voting members, including arts professionals, artists, project architects, citizens, and a council member, narrowed the submissions down to eight finalists, which were then circulated for voting among the midtown business/propertyowners. The top four vote getters were selected by the Selection Committee and the recommendation of the committee was approved by the City Council on July 7, 2009. Two additional bike racks were subsequently commissioned and installed on 4th Street, and the "Wheel" bike rack was installed along the seawall in City Park.

The 4th Street/Midtown project and bike racks were dedicated on October 22, 2009.